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Wonder what grandma would say about Cookbook downloads ?

Remember the Cookbooks of our grandparents?

Old style cookbook Cookbook Downloads have begun to replace hard copy, big and bulky cookbooks. I remember growing up as a young boy visiting my grandparents often.  Many times I would spend days at a time and couldn’t have helped but see my grandmother whip out her giant cookbook that holds so many of her family’s collection of recipes.  Granted, most of the time that big old cookbook wasn’t needed because we always remember our grandparents just KNOWING what to do, they couldn’t imagine such a thing as cookbook downloads, but it was always close, ready to grab in an instant when needed.  For my family cooking was a passion, something we did as a family especially during holidays.  I’d sit at the kitchen table, smelling the delicious aroma as my parents and grandparents would be working their magic.  Eagerly awaiting the end result, that golden brown turkey, the glazed ham dripping of sweet caramelized juices, the stuffing with its mouthwatering smell of sage, I’m sure you all know the memories I’m referring to, we’ve all had them.

  So fast forward 40 years and what has changed? ALOT actually, technolsemi modern way of cookbook recipesogy has completely taken over our world and our lives.  Which brings me to how it relates to our love of food in the present day.  While the foods and the recipes remain pretty much the same as our parents and grandparents days, the way we access that information is vastly different. Can you imagine the look on my grandmothers face had I pulled out and Iphone or and Ipad and instantly downloaded any recipe she wanted? I’d bet she’d still stick to that old torn up cookbook honestly, she’d tell me “it has character, son”.  Cookbook downloads is not something she’d be interested in, however in today’s world, the vast majority of us receive our information electronically.  With cookbook downloads we are capable of downloading our favorite collection of recipes a and have instant, light weight access at any time, any place.  Want to share your favorite recipe all you have to do is hit a share button these days and within seconds it’s transmitted.

 Ipad cookbook downloads This is where Cookbook Downloads comes into the picture! Have you noticed that when you do a google search for “cookbook downloads” the results are 90% irrelevant sites that are either offering you software or some sort of “create your own” gibberish. We’ll we’ve noticed it as well and have set out to be a hub for cookbook downloads, some free, some will cost hardly anything and others may reach upwards of $20 or more.  We DO NOT sell cookbook downloads ourselves, we are simply scouring the net and gathering every downloadable cookbook we can find and present them to you.  We will do our best to review all the cookbook downloads we can find to be sure you have the best user experience.  We would also encourage any of you that have already downloaded these cookbooks to leave your personal review in the comments section.  This will provide valuable insight to those who have not downloaded the cookbook in deciding to purchase or not.  We will review comments daily and any cookbook downloads  garnering poor reviews and no longer a value to our visitors will be pulled from our site.

          We will also be providing lots of free recipes, for those that just need a quick meal and not in the market for a full cookbook. Be sure to check out our Free Recipes page and utilize the Recipe Finder in the sidebar for a quick recipe search. Our tips and tricks page will be full of little gold mines of information that will relate to food and our cookbooks, recipes, baking etc.



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